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Spring for the Water Annual Fundraiser


The 7th Annual "Spring for the Water" event was held on Saturday, March 26, 2011 from 5:00-8:30pm at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center in Ashland, WI.  The annual event featured our famous silent auction, gourmet local food, live music, bucket raffle, and the presentation of the Karen Danielsen Outstanding Stewardship Award.  

The theme this year was tapas.  Derived from the Spanish term, "to cover," tapas are little bites of a wide variety of appetizers. With an emphasis on local foods, and a flair for the extravagant, this year’s menu will be sure to intrigue and delight...

* Lake Superior Whitefish Ceviche with Hearth-Baked Pain L'Ancienne
* Smoked Local Chicken, Lake Superior Whitefish, Lake Trout and Assorted Crostini with Goat Cheese and Fine Herbs
* Thai Carpaccio featuring Filet of Beef from Hidden Vue Farm and Kim Chi from Spirit Creek Farm

Wild Rice and Roasted Root Vegetable Cakes with Fresh Herb Aioli
* Potato-Cheese Croquettes with Tomato and Smoked Paprika Dipping Sauce
* Assorted Stuffed Mushrooms

Lamb and Pork Meatballs served with a Vermouth Balsamic Tomato Sauce
* Assorted Egg Frittata
* Chile Rellenos

Plus, assorted desserts from the Ashland Baking Company


One Session of Private Yoga Instruction with Charmaine Swan

Join Charmaine Swan for a one-hour session of private yoga instruction. Private instruction is a great solution for those people that find it difficult to find the time to attend a weekly class, or for those that want to develop a more personalized Yoga program suited to your needs. For more information about Charmaine please visit

Standard CSA Food Share from Hermit Creek Farm
One of our most popular items, this classic CSA (community supported agriculture) food share includes a mix of the freshest veggies and fruits of our northern summer season harvested at the peak of flavor and delivered weekly, for 17 weeks. One share typically satisfies a two to three person veggie-centric household. Certified Organic...Freshness you can taste grown by farmers you can trust. Season runs from early June through early October.  For more information visit

A Three Hour Adventure Tour with Lost Creek Adventures
As the pace of our world increases there are still a few places you can go to relax, explore, and have an adventure. Lost Creek is such a place. With this item, pick your choice of one of the following guided trips: sea caves expoloration, kayaking on Lost Creek, or stand up paddle boarding in Bark Bay.  For more information visit

The Buzzards Have Landed! by Roscoe Churchill and Laura Furtman, Published by Deer Tail Press
The Buzzards Have Landed! is Roscoe Churchill’s personal account of how a British mining company muscled its way into a small rural community in northern Wisconsin to build a gold, copper and silver mine on the banks of the Flambeau River. Roscoe and his wife Evelyn, who are known in environmental circles as the “Grandparents of Wisconsin’s Anti-Mining Movement,” were in the middle of the battle from the beginning to the end. And in his trademark style, Roscoe combines factual information with color to tell the real story of what happened. For more information visit

Two Night Cabin Stay on Marengo Lake
Summer or fall two night getaway on Marengo Lake (30 min south of Ashland on the edge of the Chequamegon Forest): beautifully remodeled 700 sq ft. cabin overlooking Marengo Lake, small frig & stove, 2 double beds & a single bed in large upstairs loft, outdoor plumbing (remodeled outhouse :), use of canoes, swimming, pool table. Cooking possible, no running water indoors, but cold water available in 5 gallon jugs from main house.

Hand-Crafted Items From Watershed Residents Such As:
Jewelry and Artwork by Birgit Wolff
Handmade Quilt by Krista Bloomquist
Cutting Board by Jon Wheeler
Artwork by Mimi Crandall
Basket of Natural Soaps by Jennifer DeLonay
Hand-turned Wood Bowl by Rolland Kiel
Artwork by Valena Hofman

$25 off a Custom Portrait Session with Michaela Wickman
Michaela Wickman is an inspired and creative custom portrait photographer with a passion for eye-catching beautiful images.  For more information on Michaela and to see some of her work visit Michaela Wickman Photography

Free Class Passes to the Ashland Yoga Studio



Colleen Matula recieving the first Karen Danielsen Outstanding Stewardship award at the 6th "Spring for the Water" event in March 2010. This award honors the many contributions that Karen made to BRWA by, in turn, honoring the contributions of another.  Karen's husband, Dale Thomas, presented the award.


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Establish baseline water quality conditions
Outreach and education
Restore problem erosional areas
Work with local authorities to address water quality issues
Protective waterway designations
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Stream sedimentation, washouts and erosion
Forest management practices
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